David's beloved Border Collie, Summer


Come sit with me awhile my friend

These fourteen years have passed so fast 

The seasons came and seemed to blend

With feelings thought would always last.


It pains us now to see you so

Still faithfully endeavouring to please

Mere mortals, are we meant to know

The canine brain and how we can appease?

You haven’t grumbled at your lot

You’ve soldiered on midst senses lost

Sight, sound and balance you’ve begot

To chase a ball and devil take the cost

Oh, but our human senses fail

To look beyond the extra work it seems

Your years are counted on a different scale

our attitudes on other dreams


So come little shadow pal and wait

We’ll bear the suffering as best we can with you

Your sweet sad eyes, your waggy tail, your dinner plate

With loving hands to gently soothe and see you through.



Our fourteen year old Border Collie named Summer had a second vestibular attack a fortnight ago and it has left her very unbalanced. We are currently on a break in Donegal and watching her struggle to do her normal things saddened me into composing. July 13, 2021

I’m a 74 year old retired engineer who lives in County Down N. Ireland. I’m now a widower since 2018. I have two children and three grandchildren who all live in the same area. My poetry experience started when I realised I had a knack for amusing rhyming verses regarding people in the office etc. I was then in demand for retirement poems and wedding receptions. I was raised in a Christian home and came to faith at a young age. Like a lot of young folk I was tempted by worldly things. Although during this time I never forgot my commitment and prayed for forgiveness and read my bible when I could. During my wife’s long illness I determined to commit myself fully once more and I started to attend church services again. I have recently attempted to try and write poems that could help others in their faith although I’m far from prolific. My style is still simplistic and generally rhyming.