Love birds … if only we had a musician!

Swallows sitting on a wire

David is looking for a musician to put a tune to this, so his daughter can sing it, and replace David’s interim spoken word; or even do a video!!  see the story below.

Swallows sitting on a wire

Waiting for a breeze

To take them back to warmer climes

And beat the winter freeze

Their summer love is over

Their passions cold, and so

New challenges await them

They know it’s time to go.


And so it is with you my love

I hear it in your lies

This cosy little nest of mine’s

A home you now despise.

What could I do to hold you?

When you want to wander free

This life you love is calling you

Away, away from me.


I wish you were a Robin

Who will always be my friend

And stay around in darker days

Our love would know no end

But you are just a Swallow

Loving only flight

Who’ll up and leave me lonely

When the time is right.


Farewell my love I’ll miss you

Just go and do not wait

Some day I’ll find my true love

And like two Swans on a lake,

We’ll always be together

For he will not want free

We’ll swim and fly together

Into eternity!


Swallows sitting on a wire

Waiting for a breeze………………….. (fade out)



David Davidson September 2010

I haven’t been writing much lately but my daughter recently reminded me of something I had written for her over 10 years ago.

She was a singer in a band at the time who wrote their own stuff. She had just come out of a long relationship with an Australian bloke. They parted reasonably harmoniously as he wanted home and she would not leave NI and her family.

I thought I could write some words the band could put to music and so this idea came to me. I’m fond of watching the birds and all nature. Autumn was approaching and I noticed the swallows waiting to depart south and thought of the connection.


The words were never put to music and not having that talent myself, they probably never will be unless someone in the group is interested.

I’m a 74 year old retired engineer who lives in County Down N. Ireland. I’m now a widower since 2018. I have two children and three grandchildren who all live in the same area. My poetry experience started when I realised I had a knack for amusing rhyming verses regarding people in the office etc. I was then in demand for retirement poems and wedding receptions. I was raised in a Christian home and came to faith at a young age. Like a lot of young folk I was tempted by worldly things. Although during this time I never forgot my commitment and prayed for forgiveness and read my bible when I could. During my wife’s long illness I determined to commit myself fully once more and I started to attend church services again. I have recently attempted to try and write poems that could help others in their faith although I’m far from prolific. My style is still simplistic and generally rhyming.