See below, after the poem, for the photo of Donna Marie's nephew, with the US flag in the cockpit, who served in the US Air Force, and now flies for a commercial company

Thank You Veterans

Last night there was a fight

In my mind

This would be my first time

To share my poetry up on the stage

Don’t let the battle Rage

I just wanted to leave

Yet I believe IN Love and Peace

Then I Heard as My Heartbeat Fast

This war will not last

Do not fear, for I am near

You will find

The right time

To shine your light

In this dark night

I heard the Vets and they shared their war battle stories

I saw their Glory

One through song that I belong

The other through his struggle

Of bombs going off in his mind

As he tried to find the rhyme

As he read his poem begging us to recall

How he gave it all

I heard the Vets

Do no regret

Remember those that already fought

With their own life they bought

Your Freedom

Your Kingdom


Let your Will be done

For this battle has just begun

Yet the War is already won

For he shed his blood for me

Can’t you see

He gave HIS life

As a sacrifice

So You can Be Free

For Eternity

So I read my poetry

About my own story

Of HIS love for me

So hear the Call

He gave it All 

For Eternity

Donna Marie describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess Warrior. She has overcome many trails in her life with the help of Jesus Christ. She lives in the Inland Pacific Northwest in Washington, USA with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, snow skiing, and camping. Of course, she loves writing (with her cat nearby) and reading poetry. Stay tuned for her next book of poetry coming out soon entitled; “I am the Poem”.