Windswept trees bend and shake
worn out sky-paths of familiar dawn breaks
Earth’s rusty core rumbles deep groans at long last
as the cavern-splitting cries of future-times past

The beautiful longing of time echoes loud
in the hollow spaces between the breath and the cloud.
Then is now and now is here
as then is now and now it’s clear

Here beats the rhythm of ancient hearts
as the cry of newborn hope joyfully imparts
A slow blooming bush burns bright
in the sparkle of the new day’s light

The fragrance of life lingers anew
amidst joyful anticipation of fresh fruit hues
Inside the ancient forest an owl-call echoes the King:
‘Kill the mocking bird and let the true songbirds sing!’

Wisdom rings the ancient bell of blooms
and summons all to rise and ruffle their plumes
for deep within her bosom hides the secrets of the Bridegroom
as she shakes the dust and commands the empty tombs.

The forest is about to bloom.

Marissa is a qualified graphic designer and illustrator with over 15 years full-time industry experience. Currently she runs her own freelance design business ( and is also the creator and owner of Water & Word (, a biblically based company selling scripture-soaked and prophetically inspired surface tattoos for everyday living. Marissa also serves on staff at Field of Dreams Church in Adelaide Australia as the Creative Director and has a passion for seeing good design and creativity reflect the glory of the Lord in everyday life. In her spare time she loves to paint, write poetry and explore the outdoors with her husband. She is easy-going, dedicated and has a passion for the Lord, the creative industry and seeing people walk in the fullness of their destiny.