This pretty much describes what a nonet is, though some say it can also be written starting with one syllable, and ending with nine!

The Nonet



To see the making of creation

Witness the breaking foundation

Be present, when it begun

Watch stars, be hung and flung

Lasting impression

What a session


Sun, Moon





In the valley of the lost we stand

Hearts of sadness, is this your plan?

Darkness moves across the land

Pull me from this quicksand

Rescue me, with might

Shine light, give sight


Set free





Rise up now, it’s time to shout about

Answer your call, now shout it out

Join God’s army, blazing fire

Shake the curse of the liar

Follow your desire

Take you higher


Take aim




Pronunciation of Nonet:


Origin and use of the word nonet:

The origin of nonet appears to be related to a nine-instrument orchestrated piece of music in the 1800’s in Europe.

Dictionaries and Wikipedia sources do not agree. However, Merriam-Webster states that History and Etymology for nonet is: Italian nonetto, from nono ninth, from Latin nonus.

Regarding it’s application to poetry not much seems to be known of the history of the nonet. It is possible the form originated from Western interest in haiku or tanka, and other forms with an emphasis on syllable counts.



On the sixth day, God created mankind in his own image, therefore, he created creators! I have been creating for my entire life. Like many small children, I used to create and live out my own fantasies in play (often quite constructive and ingenious). Creativity has filled every corner of my working life, firstly in engineering, then construction, before settling into charity development and youth work. As a youth worker, I used creativity every day, but especially in helping to shape and form the lives of young people. It reminds me that God is the Potter, and he moulds and forms us all, just like clay (Isaiah 64:8). Now, in my latter years, I have returned to the storytelling of my youth, and I love to use all the skills and tools I have gained on my journey of life. I have over 40 years of experience in business and charity development, mainly in in three areas, income generation, communication, and governance. Though I do still offer advice in these areas, my passion is in communication and to communicate creatively and artistically in as many ways possible, but especially in poetry. The Book of Psalms in Rhyme, is perhaps the most exciting writing project that I have every been involved in and it is scheduled to be published in August 31 2021. As I started listening to God and working on this project, I felt God saying to me, "Everything else that you have done before now, was in preparation for this". All 150 of the Psalms were written to be sung out loud and that really is the best way to read this book, out loud. This rhyming translation I have written is accurate and extremely easy to read. A sample of them is presented here.