Ok sharing a memory, “2 years ago”, of my own poem. Word for me today as it was back then,  

I have been down this path before
I am knocking on all the doors
Living in limbo again
When will I ever win
Walking in the wilderness
What did I miss
Look up Look ahead
Raise your weary head
Did I not provide 
I am right by your side
I will never leave you
Nor forsake you
I know what you went through
Look up
Look ahead
Raise your weary head
Trust in me and you will see
The forest for the trees
Let go of your doubts
Just cry out
There you will find when you release
The Path to Love & Peace

Donna Marie is an author and poet. She has triumphed over many trials in her life including disease, abuse and divorce. She now lives in Northern California, with her husband, her rescue calico cat and her rescue husky mix puppy dog. Donna enjoys walking her dog, hiking, cycling, reading, camping and writing. Donna describes herself as a daughter of the King, a Princess warrior in Christ.