Based on Matthew Chapters 5 to 8


Based on Matthew Chapters 5 to 8

Now Jesus went through Galilee proclaiming God’s great kingdom,

And also healed afflictions of the many people who had all come,

To hear the good news He spoke of and listen to His preaching,

‘til they settled on a mountainside and Jesus began teaching.


“Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who mourn and those who’re meek,

Blessed too are those who hunger, for you’ll find the comfort that you seek,

Blessed are the merciful and everyone who’s pure in heart,

For they will see The Lord God, know His peace in every part.

Blessed are the lowly peacemakers—God’s children, and those who,

Are persecuted due to the great righteousness in you,

For Holy Heaven’s kingdom belongs to people such as these,

So, rejoice when you do suffer, as your faith’s strong for all to see.

For you’re the salt of this earth and the light that can’t be hidden,

So, shine your lamp from on its stand—glorify The Father in Heaven.

And I have come not to abolish, but to fulfil the law,

And re-explain instructions regarding adultery and more.


You’ve heard it say: “Eye for an eye”, but I say don’t resist,

Turn the other cheek and go the extra mile if they insist.

Pray for all those who’d harm you and please love your enemies,

For the sun shines on the righteous and unrighteous as God’s pleased.

Give to charity in private and do not want a grand fanfare!

Give graciously in secret, as God still sees when no-one’s there.

And when you pray, pray from the heart, not falsely in front of brothers,

Just close the door, pray in your room, to The Father and no others,

And do not use too many words, for The Father surely knows,

I’ll give you The Lord’s prayer to say, so your humble spirit shows.

Forgive the sins of others and then The Father can forgive you,

If you fast, do it in secret—God will see the things you do.

Don’t store up treasures on this earth to be destroyed by vermin,

But store treasures in Heaven, where no thieves can ever break-in.


You cannot serve two masters—cannot serve both God and money,

Look at the birds who God feeds, trust in him and do not worry.

And please do not be hypocrites, or look shocked in surprise,

When you point-out someone’s splinter, you’ve a whole plank in YOUR eye!

If you ask it will be given you, if you seek, you’ll surely find,

And to the one who knocks, the door is opened to go inside.

You’ll enter through the narrow gate to find Salvation’s road,

But many take the broader one, where destruction walks alone.

Please watch out for false prophets, who are wolves dressed up as sheep;

Bad trees cannot bear good fruit, and bad fruit’s not fit to keep.


There are wise and foolish builders, who build on the rock or sand,

But always is unstable, the man who doesn’t hold God’s hand,

For when life’s storms begin to swell, thunder and lightning crash,

A house upon the sand will fall, when the rains do rise and lash.”

And when Jesus had finished saying, all these new amazing things,

The listening crowds were awestruck at the wisdom of his teachings;

He taught not like the other teachers they knew of speaking God’s law,

But Jesus spoke with authority, like one not ever heard before.


Written by Michael Grgich (MAG) & Suzanne Newman.

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Michael Grgich Founder in 2015 of FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, a Facebook Poetry Group, and Suzanne Newman also an ‘Admin’ in the group since 2017, have collaborated in joint projects for a number of years. The have jointly published “Inspired By…” a poetic journey through some of the main points of the Bible, and additional poetic works. Here is a sample. See Published Works on our Resources page for more about their first book “Inspired By…”. We understand there is a second book in the works called “Kindred Spirits”