Friends have come and gone and the laughter has turned to tears
Day’s pass by so quickly, those same days have now turned into years
What was once those so called happy times, have now become those good old days
My Memories have all been shattered, replaced by fear that even they might fade away

I cry because I’m lonely and I’m lonely because I cry
With rivers of tears that always flow, but never seem to dry
I look for the courage to make it through just one more day
But will I make it to tomorrow, because I still haven’t made it through today

Afraid that it might end this way, because that would be such a shame
My days, will they ever turn brighter or always be filled with clouds and heavy rain
I tried so damn hard to make it right, and tried even harder in so many ways
I’ve asked for your help and forgiveness, each night with these words that I say

To Pray, that He will hear my plea and bring me peace within my heart
To Pray, that yesterday will forever be gone and tomorrow will be a brand-new start
To Pray, and ask that His love guides me, each step along the way
To Pray, and understand that this might be a real good time, to sit right down and Pray.

I have cried out loud to the heavens, for all the hell that I’ve gone through
I have talked to You like no other, at times feeling like such a fool
But I am still right here talking to You Lord, and I have so much more I’d like to say
I will stand my ground with love in my heart, and never will I turn away

No one ever said it would be easy or that the sun would shine each day
But He promised His unconditional Love and to be by my side every step of the way
Life at times may be uncertain and hell, life may go astray
But for me the best thing I can do, is Sit Right Down and Pray

To Pray, that my journey will soon bring peace to my heart once again
To Pray, that I will understand that my life starts today and that His love has no end
To Pray, that when it’s my time to go back home, He will greet me with open arms and say
Welcome home my son, I think this might be a real good time for us, to sit right down and Pray

The Depressed Poet comes from many years of suffering from Depression. While in the hospital for this a doctor suggested that I try my hand at poetry and that is where life changed for me. I wrote about things I never really thought of before like God, Jesus, Heaven and so on. I do not consider myself a great or good writer because, I am not. What I am is a man, who stumbles through his words, so he can make it through his days. I also host a podcast called, The Coffee and Prayer Series.