To Be Christian

To be Christian does not demand perfection, can’t tell you how many times I’ve fell

To be Christian means you Love the Christ, and in your heart you let that swell


It’s not about the charity you give, or if you lose temper at a store

It’s not a measure of your worth, but it does mean far much more


A Christian clears a space in their heart, a shelter for God to live

They re-evaluate their lot in life, they start to beyond themselves start to give


Not monetary, not material, it’s a healing of the soul

And with domino effect, it topples all your sin to go


You feel fuller in the you, a warm I can’t describe

As if Christ Himself with wings wrapped around were staring eye to eye


That’s EXACLY what it is…

So to HIS grace you freely give…


To be Christian means to care for kin, whoever that kin may be

Please look deep inside yourself, find Christ, and be a Christian with me!



MAG 2020

I was, well, I’ve always said it, a HEATHEN straight up and celebrated! I lied, stole, spat and laughed in the name of Christ, He was a joke to me, a myth, and all these stupid people were running around praising this “Jesus”, pathetic and laughable, (I thought). …… AND NOW … Needless to say I’m still attending the same Church to this day. My poetry has swung dramatically from dark, desolate, and evil, to almost completely God based, with better messages of faith, hope, and love. I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ on April 29th 2018. In the future, I intend to walk with Christ, constantly striving to be the best man I can to His pride. I vow to love the world and all in it and to treat it as such . . . with love. Most of all, I look forward to continuing to learn and bond with the Scriptures, God, Christ, and The Holy Spirit, and share what I discover in hopes of helping another such as myself to find Grace in Jesus Christ. AMEN. [from the Personal Testimony in “Inspired By …”]