For sunrise and sunset Are one and the same

Today’s The Day

A close colleague’s ruminations at the beginning of their retirement prompted this piece on saying Good-bye to the workplace.  I had only known their older wiser self and could see that sunset and sunrise were indeed one and the same for them.


Today’s the day

There’s no putting off 

There’s no going back

All bridges are crossed

A one-way ticket to

The rest of your life


How can this be you asked

And where have the years gone

It seems like only yesterday

I boarded this train

Fresh out of uni

A new graduate

Ready for the dawn of what was to come


A lot of water under the bridge you say

So many projects, people and places

If I could return

I’d do it all differently

Well no – not all of it

Just big chunks


But who’s to know

I’d be such a fool

Careless with things, people and life

So here I am


Today’s the day


Some call it retirement

I call it a time when I

Gather around me

All that I know

As I stand

At yet another dawn

Older, wiser, seasoned


Along the way

I’ve learned to be more careful

Of life, people and places

I’ve learned to be grateful

I’ve still got a ticket to

The rest of my life

Not all do


So I look ahead

Not behind

Gather my courage along with my bags





For sunset and sunrise

Are one and the same





People call me creative. Although I'm not always sure exactly what this is and how they know this with declarative confidence I've come to accept this as part of the unique expression of the Godhead through me. What this means is that I get to do lots of fun things, like facilitate creative writing groups, art exhibitions and teach a range of art mediums. The core theme of all is the Unleashing of Creativity. Over the years I've seen Holy Spirit take people to places in creativity that facilitated liberty, restored and awakened their spirits to Him. I've come to understand that creativity is about revealing truth and am constantly challenged to extend the dimensions and modalities of awe and wonder towards the One who is Truth.