Two poems

Trust God And His Goodness


To trust means to have faith in someone.

Let us take our trust and put it into God.

We trust God when have the faith to accept that He sent Jesus Christ to die for us,

so that He could share abundant life with us,

and escort us into His eternity.

We trust God when we receive Jesus Christ as our Friend, Lord, and Saviour.

Let us walk in a manner pleasing to God because of our faith in Him.

Jesus Christ has helped us through our past problems,

And He will help us through our present and future problems too.

When we trust Jesus Christ love, peace, and joy abound.

Whatever our circumstances may be this Christmas and throughout the year

decide to give God the gift of trusting Him.

Receive His gifts of love, peace, and joy that come in trusting Jesus Christ.

Let us share the gifts of His love, peace, and joy

With people in our neighbourhoods and around the world.

God bless you and your family this Christmas and throughout the year.

Trust God and His goodness.


Reach Out And Touch Him

 Jesus Christ was born as a tiny baby cradled in a manger

in a humble stable in Bethlehem,

and that was the start of His effort

to reach out and touch me on my level.

Thirty-three years was the length of His earthly journey.

His journey began in the humble stable,

continued with His holy ministry,

led to a painful cross,

culminated in a open tomb,

and yet still His journey perseveres.

He promises to be with me on earth and in heaven,

so my Saviour is by my side always, forever

reaching out to me

as I struggle to overcome fear born of sin.

Because of my Father’s grace

He gives me mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation,

but He offers these gifts to you, too.

He stretches out His hands to you and me

to offer the grace of our Father who loves us.

He yearns to reach out and touch you on your level.

so you and I can reach out and touch Him, too.

I am a Christian writer who uses the gifts and hard work of writing to express my faith and to share messages about God with others. Writing to me is about creating messages about my experiences and the life we have in our relationship with God. Writing poetry for me began in 2004, when I was looking for a poem to send out for Christmas and I could not find anything suitable. As a result, I began to write Prayers to Jesus Christ, which was my very first poem. Then I began to write poetry about life, love, time, family, special occasions and other topics like gardening. God then inspired me with a desire to write about an inexhaustible topic, Him - His love, forgiveness, mercy, power, and His daily help and presence in our lives! The context of my writing is not limited to poetry alone, but also short stories. The creativity of writing is a necessity to me, as it allows me to express my relationship with God and to share my faith with people in order that their lives can be touched and transformed in a special way as they read the messages I have written. I pray that through my writings that God will be honoured through all that I write and that those who read my poetry will be touched by the hope Jesus brings into our lives.