There may be great pain and grief when someone knows they are going to pass away from this world leaving a loved one behind.

I will be waiting for you

Beyond the edge

The place where the horizon meets the sky

Or where the sun rises in the East

Or sets in the West


You may catch glimpses of me

During the moonrise

As I run ahead

Or trail behind


Perhaps I may go further away

Towards Heaven’s embrace

But will you find me there

In this vast amazing place


If our souls meet up

Would you recognise me

After so long

Will you still love me 


Will God pardon my delay

While I stay behind

To watch over you 

Remaining too long

Where I do not belong


Should I trust my Heavenly Papa

To take care of you

When I am gone

Can I stay with you

For however long


When you leave

You can find me

Where the peaceful winds blow

I will be waiting there

My love


Jennie Starling: 24th August 2022.