Whistle In The Dark

I plod through the forest on a cold and lonely evening.

The sun casts its last rays of light above the horizon,

and twilight befalls upon the earth in a sudden, swooping motion,

but I need to get home so I carry on.

I pass by trees, bushes, and underbrush,

and creatures scamper by to get to their dens.

The wild wind blows angrily hither and thither

as I climb knolls and trudge through glens.

As I continue on my journey the darkness intensifies,

and rivers rush by in their hostile rage.

Owls cry their frightening hoots,

and bats emerge on their frantic rampage.

The night gets darker and darker as time passes,

and I go deeper and deeper into the forest as i travel.

I am surrounded by anxious, gloomy sights and fearful, sad sounds,

and my feet stumble as i scurry along the gravel.

I yearn to get to the other side of the forest,

so i could reach the peace and safety of my abode,

but the journey is gruelling, harsh, and tough,

and my fear overcomes me and acts as a goad.

My fear troubles me,

but to conquer fear I whistle in the dark,

so when you are afraid and need courage you whistle in the dark too,

and your courage will be your bulwark and hallmark.

To whistle in the dark means to have courage,

and to have courage means to control fear when facing danger and pain.

Be confident, intrepid, persevering,

merciful, resolute, and humane.

With courage in my heart I finally reach home,

and with courage in your heart you can finally reach home too.

We need to be courageous, conquer fear, and whistle in the dark,

and to be courageous will make our goals come true.

I am a Christian writer who uses the gifts and hard work of writing to express my faith and to share messages about God with others. Writing to me is about creating messages about my experiences and the life we have in our relationship with God. Writing poetry for me began in 2004, when I was looking for a poem to send out for Christmas and I could not find anything suitable. As a result, I began to write Prayers to Jesus Christ, which was my very first poem. Then I began to write poetry about life, love, time, family, special occasions and other topics like gardening. God then inspired me with a desire to write about an inexhaustible topic, Him - His love, forgiveness, mercy, power, and His daily help and presence in our lives! The context of my writing is not limited to poetry alone, but also short stories. The creativity of writing is a necessity to me, as it allows me to express my relationship with God and to share my faith with people in order that their lives can be touched and transformed in a special way as they read the messages I have written. I pray that through my writings that God will be honoured through all that I write and that those who read my poetry will be touched by the hope Jesus brings into our lives.