I had a dream so long ago

of fire, smoke, anguish, and fear,

and I saw people running to and fro

while they suffered pain so severe.

I wonder if people had their dreams?

Their dreams had to be intense,

anxious, shocking, and tormenting

over the destruction that was immense.

Sometime after, terror came from the sky

in the form of hatred, airplanes, and malcontents,

and they hurled their revenge upon the innocent

while they ravaged our every defense.

Towers toppled and crumbled;

people fell from the sky;

ash and debris littered the air;

the world uttered an outcry.

As towers and people fell

we watched with horrifying stare

and heard their agonizing cries

that penetrated the ash-filled air.

The world was very much aware

of hostile and merciless forces deployed,

of people hurt and killed, of structures razed,

of confidence and peace destroyed.

People staggered and collapsed,

for this was more than they could endure.

Enemies savoured their vengeance,

but the world was never secure.

People raised their arms to heaven with bitter tears

and screamed their battle cry,

for they thought that war could create justice,

but bloodshed has caused the suffering to multiply.


The world will never be the same

after these frightful terrorist acts,

yet the future depends on how we interact

and react to the malice and attacks.

When terrible terror tears asunder

the world we thought was ours

we realize how frail we are,

and how weak are all our powers.

God, give us mercy and strength

during these most troubling times,

and give us support and wisdom

to cope with all these war crimes.

Help us to know Your long-suffering love.

Your presence is as close to us as our breath.

Excite in our hearts the hope that rests

upon life that conquers death.

We survive in a world that is so terrifying.

Teach us to subdue and defeat fear

with courage, endurance, and strength,

and by Your promise that You are always near.

I am plagued by so many questions

that weigh heavily upon my heart and mind,

and I am certain that these questions

also trouble humankind.

I saw the face of a handsome police officer

as he laid in the rubble and mud,

and he clasped a family picture to his heart

which was stained with his own precious blood.

His body was broken by bloody wounds;

he knew that he would die,

and as he closed his weepy eyes

I heard him question, “Why?”

I am a Christian writer who uses the gifts and hard work of writing to express my faith and to share messages about God with others. Writing to me is about creating messages about my experiences and the life we have in our relationship with God. Writing poetry for me began in 2004, when I was looking for a poem to send out for Christmas and I could not find anything suitable. As a result, I began to write Prayers to Jesus Christ, which was my very first poem. Then I began to write poetry about life, love, time, family, special occasions and other topics like gardening. God then inspired me with a desire to write about an inexhaustible topic, Him - His love, forgiveness, mercy, power, and His daily help and presence in our lives! The context of my writing is not limited to poetry alone, but also short stories. The creativity of writing is a necessity to me, as it allows me to express my relationship with God and to share my faith with people in order that their lives can be touched and transformed in a special way as they read the messages I have written. I pray that through my writings that God will be honoured through all that I write and that those who read my poetry will be touched by the hope Jesus brings into our lives.