Three poems in the theme WORDS

Perfect pitch

I am fascinated by how much can be said with less.  How does one take the bigness of a God so grand that all the universe as we know it fits inside of Him, yet by His design He fits Himself into each one of us, a gift to the world.  Emanuel, the God who is with us.


For all those who wonder

Whose hearts are over-whelmed

By many things

Let’s remember


The gift

We are sent to earth

To deliver

Never seen before


Wrapped in the package

Of life

The world made beautiful

By one such as me


And you

Singing in harmony

We become

Perfect pitch



I’ve Got You

With those 3 words Jesus ushered me into a place in the Father’s heart never before possible.  Through them the sorrow of losing someone close to me became an encounter that transformed my life.


In my childhood I found a jesus with no arms

Or maybe it’s just that he kept them folded

Appearing to hear

Bring comfort but never put himself out on my behalf

A jesus who asked for surrender, praise, giving, my heart

Yet remained aloof


This was the only jesus I knew until

The day He came to me

Knelt beside me as I sobbed

‘Our Father’ he said

His arm surrounded me, gently yet with strength, solid

Almost audible he said ‘I’ve got you’




A fascination with words and the realisation that even the smallest ones can act as hyperlinks to ideas, feelings and realms of possibilities sits underneath this piece. 


I love that words are doors

Waiting to be opened

Some are well signposted

So as you know what to expect

In fact

Some tell you exactly where to look

For that thing you don’t quite know what


I love that words are doors

Never sure which ones to

Open next

So whilst I’m waiting

I’ll just look around

And see

What’s in front of me


I love that words are doors



Taking me to other lands

I’ve long known

One just needs the right 


People call me creative. Although I'm not always sure exactly what this is and how they know this with declarative confidence I've come to accept this as part of the unique expression of the Godhead through me. What this means is that I get to do lots of fun things, like facilitate creative writing groups, art exhibitions and teach a range of art mediums. The core theme of all is the Unleashing of Creativity. Over the years I've seen Holy Spirit take people to places in creativity that facilitated liberty, restored and awakened their spirits to Him. I've come to understand that creativity is about revealing truth and am constantly challenged to extend the dimensions and modalities of awe and wonder towards the One who is Truth.