Working in the Sun


When the day breaks, I crawl into the truck

An easy day?  I have known no such luck

My body will be spent, and my mind fried

When morning chirps give way to eventide

Working all day in the hot noontime sun

It might as well be noon and never one.

Keep your head up, with your eyes down below

And your hands to the task, “I know, I know…”

But keep to the work and soon it will pay

The cosmos will have it no other way:

Let him who stole go and steal no longer,

The Cretan driven out by the stronger

Indeed, that he may have something to give,

Diligence and grit remain in the sieve —

Be willing to let yourself be shaken

Toxins fall through, the old ways forsaken.

And when you feel you’ve finally had enough,

The workout starts; it’s time to get tough.

The cool air cares only if you’re adept;

Hot suns know well if you have underslept.

A sinner saved by grace. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA where I mow lawns, run a nonprofit, and write poetry.