Would the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

I wrote this after a time of intense questioning of who it was that I was calling Jesus.  It was written as a performance piece of which this is an excerpt.



I’ve been ripped off I hear myself cry

As it increasingly dawns on me, or maybe not so much as dawning as a niggling constant question


Comes off my spirit when I’m still enough to listen   It’s been persistent, causing me to look again


The Jesus I know, talk to, pray to, look for     Taking me to challenging, unsettling thoughts


Can only be settled by close scrutiny    Lurking in the shadows and alleyways of my life I find:

Banker Jesus

The Jesus who wants me to give more but doesn’t reward me saying I didn’t give with a right heart

Status Jesus

The Jesus without arms or ears who only listens to those with a special role which I don’t – I’m not the prophet, apostle, evangelist

Impotent Jesus

The Jesus who cares but doesn’t do anything – says I have to be patient, faults with me I have to try harder

Nice Jesus

This Jesus brings comfort.  The kind that calms the soul whilst nothing really changes – denying justice

Muscle Man Jesus

This one looks buff, preferring the self-effort of one’s own understanding –Tailored suits with empty pockets

Voter Jesus

Just stand up for a cause, he says, any one will do – As long as you are kept busy it doesn’t matter the outcome

Bit Thin Jesus

Kind of there – But not     If you know what I mean

Choir Boy Jesus

Says all the right things, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – but once the songs over he’s out of here

Busy Jesus

This Jesus triages the requests – says there’s so many coming across his desk you’ll have to take a number.  Even then if it’s not urgent …

Religious Jesus

So familiar is this one I almost didn’t see him.  He smells of incense and robes, equally as comfortable on mantle pieces as the cross – that is till you try to get him to come down

A chameleon he doubles up as the No Fun Jesus  Stay within the lines – nothing wrong with cookie cutters he says

He’s closely followed by the Up there Jesus

Come up here, come up higher.  He has no interest in the affairs of earth and has clearly never met Emmanuel

By now I’m tired of this charade, the chasing of shadows – rabbit warrens

So I say


Would the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?



People call me creative. Although I'm not always sure exactly what this is and how they know this with declarative confidence I've come to accept this as part of the unique expression of the Godhead through me. What this means is that I get to do lots of fun things, like facilitate creative writing groups, art exhibitions and teach a range of art mediums. The core theme of all is the Unleashing of Creativity. Over the years I've seen Holy Spirit take people to places in creativity that facilitated liberty, restored and awakened their spirits to Him. I've come to understand that creativity is about revealing truth and am constantly challenged to extend the dimensions and modalities of awe and wonder towards the One who is Truth.